The Foreclosure Project (TFP) represents clients facing foreclosure proceedings in Florida. TFP focuses on residential foreclosure defense.

“Based on a study by credit information analyst TransUnion, Florida posted the second highest rate of mortgage default in the first quarter this year, behind only Nevada. In Florida, 14.65 percent of all mortgaged homes were delinquent by more than two months, just behind the 15.98-percent share of delinquent mortgages in Nevada.

What is troubling for Florida is that the delinquency pace surged in sharp contrast to the drop of the national mortgage default rate to 6.77 percent over the quarter. The national default rate has been rising over the 12 consecutive quarters before the January-March quarter this year.” John Cutts,
More Mortgage Defaults and Foreclosure for Sale in Florida
June 2, 2010.